Love my Pal Portable Power. With 4 teenagers to keep up with
some days my battery runs low quickly. I feel confident knowing
my phone will never die as long as I have my Pal.

Elizabeth Fernandez Madera

The list of times and reasons I needed to use my Pal are endless.
It's pink, it's pretty, and it's powerful!!

Kathryn Habluetzel

I have gone through multiple portable chargers that lose their storage
capacity in a short time, I use my Pal Charger daily, and it has retained
full storage since day one. The high sound quality at this price cannot be beat!
Perfect for work and Summer activities!    

David Ziebell

I love my Pal. It's very rare that I go anywhere without it,
and it really helps me get through the long days in the
kitchen with the speaker. I actually can't play it at full volume
because it's too loud.

Carl Beatty

I have had my Pal Portable Power device for about a year now.
I absolutely LOVE it! We take our boat out fishing every weekend
when the weather allows. When we do this, we are on the lake all day.
I have to have this to keep my phone charged. I'm on Facebook quite
a bit so I use a lot of battery. Before, I would have used my battery long
before we got back to the boat dock.

Mickie Smith

When my daughter had heart surgery, the Pal Portable was essential
to our stay in the hospital. We couldn't leave the hospital and there
weren't always enough plugs to recharge.

Molly Breedlove

I keep 1 Pal Portable Power in my golf bag and 1 at my desk at work.
Great little gadget that's essential to my everyday life.

Derek Miles

I drive 18-wheelers so I keep mine with me at all times! I use the speaker
feature a ton ... My battery situation would be dire if it wasn't for my
Pal Portable Power gadget.

Phil Veney