Frequently Asked Questions

How long do the batteries last?
For the Chrome, Ice and PowerPlay models you can charge your device 1-2 times (depending upon the power needs of your battery) before needing to recharge your Pal. Each Chrome device is powered by a Samsung 2600mAh Lithium-Ion battery. The Pro is powered by four 2600mAh Samsung Lithium- Ion batteries that provide 10,400mAh. The Pro has four indicator lights to show the charge percentage of the unit. Each PowerPlay device is powered by a Samsung 4000mAh Lithium-Ion battery.

How safe are the batteries?
Pal uses Samsung Lithium-Ion batteries with smart chips that regulate the current and automatically stop charging once the unit is fully charged. This protects the battery from overcharging.

How long does it take to recharge the battery?
For the Chrome, Ice and PowerPlay models it can take up 2-4 hours to fully recharge the unit by USB wall charger. The Pro model takes 6-7 hours for a full recharge.

There are many chargers and speakers on the market that aren’t very good. How do I know I’ll get quality?
Every charger is charged and inspected by Pal personnel to ensure it is working properly. Every speaker is also tested to ensure there is no distortion and volumes are consistent. These test are after-factory tests, so nothing is left to chance. Everything Pal does is for the end-user’s safety and enjoyment.

I want to upload my logo, what kind of files do you accept and what size?
Please submit a hi res jpeg, tiff, eps or pdf of your logo. All custom orders will ship in 30 days.

If you are interested in personalization, please contact sales@palcharger.com.